How do I make money from my music?

My name is Russ and I write music that is used in many areas. For example, I created music for the German Sol Casino online. I also wrote music for the movie and many other brands and products. My goal is to make money from my written music by letting it be used in different areas like TV, movies and online casinos. But I also want all the fans around the world to hear my music and enjoy it!

How do you make money making music?

For example, you can write music for slot games for the German online casino Sol. The sky's the limit! Also you can sell your songs to stock audio websites which have a very high commission rate. But you can also be creative and use it in films, trailers or TV shows.

What does it take to compose good music?

Start with a melody that people will enjoy listening to for hours! The lyrics should be catchy as well as the melody. When people listen to great songs they have one thing in common: they sing along... even if it's just humming ;-)

How long do I need to write quality music?

A good song needs time of course but it doesn't mean that you need years of practice. Especially if you're an experienced musician then writing good songs is easy because of the skills you've already learned. But if you're a beginner then of course it will take longer to write real good music.

Why is music in online casino slots so important?

All of us have heard or played online slot machines at least once. And we know that they usually have a certain soundtrack consisting of sounds and melodies that form a symphony and create a unique gaming atmosphere. But do you know why these particular tracks exist and what role they play? Have you ever wondered why there are tracks specifically for the game of poker or roulette?

Well, below I will try to answer all these questions by outlining a few theories on the subject! Let's start with the basics. The fact is that these sounds have no direct effect on the results of your game. Music will never change your hand or sequence of numbers! However, scientists believe that this background sound can affect your cognitive understanding of the game you're playing, and even change your mood.

And when you consider that over 70% of gamers gamble for fun, it might explain why there is such a huge demand for these tracks. They make ordinary activities like spinning cards or catching fruit (among others) seem more epic and exciting! Now let's look at some specific cases:

Do the slots have special music for certain games? Yes! There are some patterns and genres that don't go well with certain online casino games. For example, a horror soundtrack would be pretty awkward when playing poker, wouldn't it? But what about classic casino sounds? They are usually provided by live orchestras who record their songs specifically for online casinos.

Perhaps the best example here is the one provided by the popular German Sol Casino online that offers a variety of music for different slots and matches the perfect track to the theme of each particular game. In addition, I often add songs from future games or movie soundtracks that gamers might find very interesting!

What is my conclusion?

In my opinion, there are two most important factors for creating the right mood while playing online arcade games: good background music and some life sounds mixed in with it (like jingles and melodies). And I believe that these sounds should not be underestimated... They can be your secret weapon against boredom and indecision while playing online. Thank you for your time!

I hope these tips have helped you! If so it would be awesome if you'd share this article with your friends or community who are also interested in making money with their songs.

- Russ